Team of technicians and educators:

Small childrenaeiraval (3-4 years)

Silvia Bosch –

From age 3, we started together on a road full of new faces and new experiences never before lived and new learning.



Small children (4-5 years)

Zahira Seleme –

The first step to begin a stage full of experiences, learning and many challenges, to fall and rise again. Learning to share our lives as children begins.


Small children (6-7 years)

Eudald Basagaña –

We are leaving a stage to start a new one: we are growing up! With this comes new responsibilities, commitments and more difficult learning, but always together with the teamwork, we go ahead.


Children (8-9 years)

Àlvar Senar –

El inicio de las amistades, la imaginación se domina y la expresión toma un papel relevante. En medianos acompañamos en esta fase a que el niño o niña sea autónomo y adquiera un papel activo en su vida.


Kids (10-11 years)

Sandra Gordillo –

We are in a key moment: we stop being little boys and girls and become preteens. We accompany the children at the beginning of this transition, facilitating listening spaces and tools to adopt a critical and responsible attitude.


PreTeens (12-13 years)

Ariadna –

We prepare new scenarios with teenagers to make their life a story full of new experiences. We help them to enhance their abilities to make an impact in the world.


Teens (14-16 años)

Adrià Jurado –

In full adolescence, we work for the boys and girls to seek their dreams, so we all have challenges and milestones, and the ability to achieve them depends on self confidence and effort.


Open Center  (15 years and older)

Lara Morcillo & Raquel   –

In the open center and social space Aula Oberta we work with young people to generate processes of inclusion from an integral and individualized accompaniment. We accompany young people to achieve academic success in their educational processes while promoting their social and labor inclusion.


Psychological Support

Tatiana Marques –

From the Support Service we help children and families to develop fully as individuals, enhancing self-knowledge, self-confidence and positive relationships with their environment.


Technical Coordinator

Carla Pérez –

From the Technical Area we make sure that everything works: we look for the necessary resources so that the projects can go forward and establish relationships to improve and grow in our work.


Ignasi Sagalés –

At AEIRaval we work to achieve equity in opportunities for all, through direct attention and advocacy in decision-making bodies for a more inclusive and equitable system.