Team of technicians and educators:

Small children (3-4 years)

Silvia Bosch

From age 3, we started together on a road full of new faces and new experiences never before lived and new learning.

Small children (4-5 years)

Sandra Gordillo

The first step to begin a stage full of experiences, learning and many challenges, to fall and rise again. Learning to share our lives as children begins.

Children (6-7 years)

Arantxa Arizmendi

We are leaving a stage to start a new one: we are growing up! With this comes new responsibilities, commitments and more difficult learning, but always together with the teamwork, we go ahead. 

Children (8-9 years)

Pau Navarro

The start of the friendships, the domain of the imagination and the expression takes a relieving paper. To average accompany in this phase to that the child was autonomous and take an active paper in his life..

Kids (10-11 years)

Zahira Seleme

We are in a key moment: we stop being little boys and girls and become preteens. We accompany the children at the beginning of this transition, facilitating listening spaces and tools to adopt a critical and responsible attitude.

PreTeens (12-13 years)

Ariadna Güell

We prepare new scenarios with teenagers to make their life a story full of new experiences. We help them to enhance their abilities to make an impact in the world. 

Teens (14-16 years)

Víctor Fabregat

In full adolescence, we work for the boys and girls to seek their dreams, so we all have challenges and milestones, and the ability to achieve them depends on self confidence and effort.

Leisure at the afternoon (6-11 years)

Jonathan Miguel 

For not to leave anybody out of the AEIRaval, this course we begin this new project with children of primary ages. 

Open & Social Space (+15 years)

Àlvar Senar – Raquel Díez 



In the open center and social space Aula Oberta we work with young people to generate processes of inclusion from an integral and individualized accompaniment. We accompany young people to achieve academic success in their educational processes while promoting their social and labor inclusion. 

Modum (+16 years)

Adrià Jurado

With this project of social-educative mentoring, we accompany of individualised way to teenage and young people to walk with them and discover the path or paths that will bring them to fulfil his dreams.

Service of Psychological Support

Tatiana Marques 

From the Support Service we help children and families to develop fully as individuals, enhancing self-knowledge, self-confidence and positive relationships with their environment.

CPI Referent

Estefania Valero

With the support of the ProInfància Program of the Banking Fundation “La Caixa”, ensure us of that all the families have covered his needs, guaranteeing and working for the welfare of each child and teenage.

Countable and Administrative Management

Isabel Fortes

Since the Countable and Administrative Management commission us of that everything work without problems, bringing the management by the day and the accounts fair and square and transparent. 

Project Management 

Txell Arguelagués 

Define and reorient the projects with the aim of find new resources that allow us give continuity and deepen in our social and educative task .

Referent of Strategy

Edgar Iglesias

We work every day to improve our task. We analyse the reality and design organisational and educational formulas to put in practical the educational inclusion, in key of neighbourhood and as a city project.

Technical Coordinator

Ferran Bolós

From the Technical Area we make sure that everything works: we look for the necessary resources so that the projects can go forward and establish relationships to improve and grow in our work.


Ignasi Sagalés

At AEIRaval we work to achieve equity in opportunities for all, through direct attention and advocacy in decision-making bodies for a more inclusive and equitable system.