AEIRaval is a private non-profit organization that develops socio-educational intervention programs aimed at children and adolescents, young people and families in the Raval district of Barcelona.


AEIRaval does this by working with the most vulnerable groups, with the most difficulties for social inclusion in a society that presents inequality of opportunities and where vulnerability is often inherited from generation to generation.


Our Mission Statement:

The objective of AEIRaval is to work for the defense of the fundamental rights of children and young people of the neighborhood and for equal opportunities for all of them and their families, promoting education as an instrument for social change and the realization of individuals in an integral way.

Our Vision:

AEIRaval wants to become an agent of active change that promotes equal opportunities for all people, offering specific programs and being part of the organizations that make possible the decision making towards a more inclusive and equitable system.

Values of AEIRaval:

  • Commitment. With the people, the community, with society, and the future.
  • Proximity. We intervene with and from the community to accompany each family in their processes in an individual and close setting.
  • Complexity Management. We work with and for the people, managing the differences from interdisciplinarity.
  • Inclusion. We generate processes so that people have opportunities on equal terms.
  • Transparency. We restore the trust you put in us: we are transparent in our projects and in our accounts.

We work mainly in three areas of action:

  • Attention to young children and adolescents
  • Young people with a future
  • Support to families
During 2016, AEIRaval has worked with more then 190 children and adolescents and their families.

AEIRaval is an organization provider of Social Services and declared of Public Utility.