Are you a big or small company? Do you want to collaborate with AEIRaval? You have many ways in doing so!


Donations of any KindMirplay

Do you have anything that we can use in AEIRaval? Computers or other computer equipment, school supplies, sports equipment or anything else you think we might need? Can you disseminate our work through your corporate media? Contact us!

Provision of Services

Like any organization, we also need to open the doors day by day and maintain the facilities. If your company can make a donation of services, AEIRaval will be much more than welcome!

Collaboration AgreementsInserció laboral

Are you a responsible company? If you want to support projects that fight for equality in the opportunities of children, adolescents, young people and families at risk, we are sure to find a way to align goals and efforts.

Corporate Volunteering

AEIRaval is a volunteer organization and their collaboration allows us to do our work day by day. Would some workers in your company like to participate in the projects? Contact us!

Youth EmploymentvInserció laboral AEIRaval Parèntesi

If you would like to have young and motivated talent in your company while contributing to equality of opportunities for young people at risk of exclusion, you can do much for their future: offer them a job!


There are already many companies that collaborate with AEIRaval! Get in contact with us and get to know us!