Open Center 15-18 ages

In the Socio-Academic Open Space we work in coordination with social services to provide socio-educational support to young people in vulnerable situations. We work through education and the comprehensive accompaniment of young people and their families to promote equal opportunities for all people, whatever their starting point.


Young people with a future

Open Space is also a space to promote the capacities of young people, where educational success is sought in equal opportunities. We work from the academic support, the relationship between health and sport, the strengthening of intercultural competences and the acquisition of competences for social and labor inclusion.


Attention to the disability

At AEIRaval we work to offer inclusive projects and we are ready to serve young people with disabilities. Currently, 26% of the participants of the open centers present Special Educational Needs. The Disabilities Commission of AEIRaval has designed a Disability Care Plan to give a better response to each particular need.


Summer in AEIRaval

During the summer holidays we offer a Study Activity to continue giving socio-academic support to those who need to reinforce concepts, work skills or recover subjects for the next exams. We offer a study space with specialized volunteering and resources that favor educational success, combined with leisure activities, sports and cultural and leisure excursions.



IMG-20140526-WA0005Inserció laboral